Term 3 2022 Week 6 News

Road Crossing new procedure

Calendar orders in by the 22 September

Photolife codes have been emailed

JLC activities

Mosaic creations from our Gifted and Talented Art Programme

Term 3 2022 Week 3 News

School Mass Wednesday 17 August

School Reports were sent home last week please contact your Childs teacher if you have any queries

Call for small cars, animals and people for imaginative play

Life Education Bus arrives on the 25th August

Term 2 2022 Week 9 News

Puanga celebration

Mask and covid update

Room 9 activity

Reconciliation dates for lessons

School Board nominations close on the 3 August

Term 2 2022 Week 7 News

Come and join us this Thursday for Puanga/Matariki. 
Students wear your own clothes Day on Thursday the 23 June to celebrate. 
We have 13 students being baptised this weekend.
First reconciliation and Holy Communion lessons start in August. 
School Board of Trustees Elections will be held on the 7th on September. Nomination forms will be sent out by the 15th of July.
Room 8 and JLC share their activities.

Term 2 2022 Week 5 News

Join us on the 23rd June to celebrate Matariki at 6.30am

Please use our Road Patrol Wardens when needing to cross at the end of the school day

School Council visit NYLD

Cullinane Open Evening 22 June at 5.30

Class and syndicate activities shared

We are open for new enrolments 2022-2023

Term 2 2022 Week 3 News

Welcome back for Term 2

Join us on the 23 June to celebrate Matariki

New enrolments welcome

Baptism classes start this week.

Please keep winter illness’s at home

Room 5 pirates

Term 1 2022 Week 10 News

Term 3 starts on the 2nd of May

Message from the Principal

Winter uniform is worn for Terms 2 and 3

Check out the photos of our students enjoying some of the activities held over the last two weeks.

Term 1 2022 Week 7 News

Plan for matting under the main playground

The Let’s Go Cycle Skill Educators turn up with bikes and helmets and work through an excellent programme with our students over the next three weeks.

Covid-19 update

Photos: JLC Fantails and Intermediate Team Building

Term 1 2022 Week 3 News

Please update yourselves with our covid plan.

Update your email if there has been a change.

Please use the monitored crossing before and after school.

Parent interviews on the 2nd and 3rd of March.