Our Six Responsibilities

We really do have the recipe for a perfect school because Students here have six responsibilities

  • They are to care for and respect themselves and others
  • They are to help others to learn
  • They are to take action when they see a need
  • They are to show off the school even when they are not there
  • They are to keep their school tidy and attractive
  • They are to create high standards of school work

Our students are encouraged every day to walk the steps of what these responsibilities look like in action. Each Responsibility is tagged to a Gospel Value and story. By the time our students leave the school we want them to reach the highest steps of each Responsibility.
Our perfect recipe goes like this :

Step 1 Select and read our brand new 2014 outstanding ERO review.

Step 2 Stir in our great National Standards results that rank at the top of all New Zealand School.

Step 3 Sift through our Six Responsibilities all our students must learn to use here so they can become great New Zealanders.

Step 4  Now there is one thing missing to make our recipe outstanding.  Bring your children here and sprinkle them in to add the perfect ingredient.

Step 5 We’ll make your child “sure to rise”.  We teach with excellence.

Students making their own recipe