Term 1 2022 Week 7 News

Plan for matting under the main playground The Let’s Go Cycle Skill Educators turn up with bikes and helmets and work through an excellent programme with our students over the next three weeks. Covid-19 update Photos: JLC Fantails and Intermediate Team Building

Term 1 2022 Week 5 News

Good news for our playground matting. Uniform checks. Where we are at on the Covid front. Parish news.

Term 1 2022 Week 3 News

Please update yourselves with our covid plan. Update your email if there has been a change. Please use the monitored crossing before and after school. Parent interviews on the 2nd and 3rd of March.

Term 1 2022 Week 1 News

Welcome back for 2022. Continuity Plan. Please update details if changed over the summer break.

Term 4 2021 Week 9 News

Year 8 Graduation 13th December. Prize giving at school on the 14th December. End of year School Liturgy Wednesday 15th December. Welcome to Sarah Patching and Devon Corney starting in 2022. Reports go home on the 15th December. School closes at 1.00pm on the 16th December. Term 1 2022 starts on the 8th February.

Term 4 2021 Week 7 News

Thank you for keeping unwell children at home Celebration of Christmas photos St Mary’s School Tough Kids photos T’Ball teams in action Congratulations to our students receiving their Platinum level badge Enrol your preschooler for 2022 Last day of term is the 16th December Term 1 2022 2nd February

Term 4 2021 Week 5 News

Please let us know if you have a preschooler starting school in 2022 Dress up for Christmas and bring a grocery item to support St Vincent de Paul Prizegiving and Graduation notices will be out tomorrow Pie orders will be delivered at school on the 25th November

Term 4 2021 Week 3 News.

Please enrol your preschooler if starting in 2022 Pie fundraiser orders to be in by the 15th November Teacher Only Day on Monday the 15th November Please look at the calendar as events change frequently and we are trying to keep you as updated as we can.

Term 4 2021 Week 1 News

Welcome back for Term 4 Can you help us make a Pataka kai (Community pantry) Christmas is coming – support St Vincent de Paul Fundraiser-Pies orders to be in by the 15th November Teachers only day 15th November

Term 3 2021 Week 9 News

Welcome back to all our students for Level 2 Term 3 ends on the 1st October Term 4 begins on the 18th of October. Summer uniform to be worn. Year 5/6 camp has been cancelled. Day trips will take place in Term 4 Calendar orders to be in by the 24th of September Please take our Health and Sexuality Programme …